What is PLAYparent?

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Who can use PLAYparent:

PLAYparent should be filled out by a parent of a child aged seven and up. This assessment provides one perspective of a child's level of physical literacy, while the other PLAY tools provide perspectives from trained professionals: coaches, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, exercise professionals, and individuals trained in movement analysis.

This information can help identify positive and negative factors that affect the child's ability to live an active lifestyle

As a Parent:

Use PLAYparent in conjunction with the PLAY tools used by trained professionals and others to create a baseline assessment of your child's current level of physical literacy.

You can then use the baseline to create goals for each child and track improvement.

It's important that you and your child mutually establish realistic goals (where the child wants to be) and a manageable process to reach them.

As a coach, physiotherapist, athletic therapist, exercise professional or recreation professional:

Ask parents to fill out PLAYparent so you can gain extra insight into each child's current level of physical literacy.

Parents can often provide information about their child's abilities outside of your activity.