Movement Preparation

What is Physical Literacy Movement Preparation?

Physical literacy movement preparation is movement that focuses on incorporating and improving fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills into activity. It prepares the body for movement and enhances the way you move for short-term and long-term benefits.

This is preparation for the present and future.

By participating in movement preparation sessions,

  • Children become better athletes
  • Children strengthen their bodies through increased participation in physical activity
  • Children prepare their muscles for immediate activity and develop the skills and confidence to safely participate in unfamiliar activities
  • Children acquire the skills, confidence and motivation to overcome challenges

…because they’re developing physical literacy.

James Mandigo - Fundamental Skills
Dr. James Mandigo - Fundamental Skills
Dr. Dean Kriellaars: physical literacy and health
Dr. Dean Kriellaars: physical literacy and health
Physical Literacy
Physical Literacy in 3 Minutes

If there's someone in this country who knows physical literacy, it's Dr. Dean Kriellaars.

"It's as important as reading and writing skills, and the ability to work with numbers," he said during a presentation at the 2013 CS4L Summit.