Inclusive Physical Literacy

Every person should have the opportunity to develop physical literacy. Program coordinators, leaders and facility operators have a responsibility to create universally accessible physical literacy opportunities.

This can be a daunting task to figure out how to develop or adapt programs to be inclusive of disabilities. As such, in 2016 through the RBC Learn to Play funding, a series of trainings and a collection of resources has been undertaken to create a portal of information so that there is a place to start to find programs, information or training to assist in moving to universal accessibility.

The resources and programs listed below have been identified as best practices, and are in no way an exhaustive list but will hopefully provide a starting point for this journey.

Best Practices Programs

Each disability types are listed here that different organizations provide programs for specific disability. See full list* here.

*Please note that we are adding programs over time.


Inclusive Physical Literacy - February 25, 2016; 1-3pm EST
View slide deck here.