What is PLAYfun?

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PLAYfun assesses key movement skills performed by the child. The tool itself is made up of 18 tasks that cover the child's physical abilities. Each ability is graded on a four-point rubric with the following categories: Initial, Emerging, Competent and Proficient.

For a coach, exercise professional, physiotherapist, or recreation professional: Use PLAYfun in conjunction with the other PLAY tools to create a baseline assessment of the child's current level of physical literacy. Use the baseline assessment to create goals and track improvement. It's important that you and the child agree upon and establish realistic goals (where you want to be) and manageable objectives (how you are going to get there).

For a parent: PLAYfun provides a thorough assessment of your child's skills and abilities. By having a trained professional assess your child using PLAYfun, you will gain insight into your child's strengths, weaknesses and physical development.

Who can use PLAYfun: The PLAYfun assessment is one of the key pieces in the PLAY package because it evaluates the child's physical skills and abilities.

Since PLAYfun involves the assessment of specific skills, the evaluator must have some education in physical activity, movement or coaching. This could include NCCP- certified coaches, exercise professionals, physiotherapists or other sport and recreation practitioners. These individuals must have the knowledge to accurately assess the child's technique, and must be able to identify gaps in the child's development when assessing each task.