What is PLAYcoach?

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PLAYcoach is used by coaches, exercise professionals and physical therapists to evaluate a child’s physical literacy and ability. The tool itself is made up of questions that cover the child’s ability, confidence, participation and more.

As a coach, exercise professional or physical therapist: Use PLAYcoach in conjunction with the other PLAY tools to create a baseline assessment of a child’s current level of physical literacy. Use the baseline to create goals and to track improvement. It’s important that you and the child agree upon and establish realistic goals (where you want to be) and manageable objectives (how you are going to get there).

As a parent: Ask the coach of your child’s sport program to fill out PLAYcoach if you’re looking for some extra insight into your child’s physical literacy. An NCCP-certified coach will typically be knowledgeable about how your child moves and reacts in different physical activity scenarios, as well as about your child’s current level of physical literacy. Make sure that the coach has spent enough time with your child to provide an adequate assessment – typically after about one month of exposure.

Who can use PLAYcoach: While the PLAYcoach Form is filled out solely by coaches, exercise professionals or physical therapists, we encourage all parents and recreation professionals to get involved in the process of assessing physical literacy by using the othertools designed for them.